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Bevo 10.0

Benseron started out of necessity. In 2004, many restaurants were using outdated, legacy systems that were slow, unreliable, and difficult to use. This inspired us to create a more evolved point of sale (POS) system. In following years, Benseron has innovated countless solutions that were specifically designed to solve problems for our customers, ultimately leading up to the launch of our Benseron Evolution systems, aka BevoPOS systems, for short.

Flash forward 11 years from the start of our journey…
We are now very proud to announce Bevo 10.0, a powerful upgrade for BevoPOS systems!

We have taken our most advanced version of BevoPOS software, and given it some revolutionary new features to help business owners manage, profit, and grow their businesses in 2016 and beyond:


  • Added information security
  • EMV or “Chip Card” compatibility
  • One-push menu syncing with BevoSync
  • Online Ordering with
  • More than 180 improvements to several modules:
    • Combo
    • Customers
    • Discounts
    • Employees
    • Full Service
    • Menu
    • Phone Orders
    • Quick Service
    • Reports
    • Revenue Group



EMV Chip Card Technology is the next step in preventing credit and debit card fraud. Starting October 1st, 2015, merchants who are not up-to-date using EMV-certified devices will be liable for counterfeit transactions that originate at their place of business.

Bevo 10.0 is EMV-compatible and ready to integrate with an EMV-ready device of your choice. In most cases, upgrading to Bevo 10.0 and pairing your system with an EMV-ready terminal will eliminate the possiblity of your business being held liable for credit and debit card fraud in transactions when the card is present.



Another trend in 2016 is malware. Nearly 29% of all data breaches originate via malware in POS systems. With new technologies like EMV on the rise in the U.S., attempted cyber attacks on POS systems are expected to increase on unprotected or obsolete systems.

Bevo 10.0 is fully integrated with Comodo Secure, an advanced data security system that combats malware and protects customer payment information.



Did you know that in a recent IAB study, 69% of consumers said that they order their food using online ordering on a mobile device?! Imagine what that number is today! Restaurants that accept online orders will benefit from increased new business and revenue opportunities.

Perhaps the best feature of Bevo 10.0 is a handy feature called BevoSync, powered by BevoSync will take your entire menu and convert it into a live, online ordering website in just minutes!



Gift cards are one of the easiest ways to boost your business’ revenue, especially during the holiday season. In 2013, consumers spent more than $38 billion on gift cards during the holiday season alone. If your business doesn’t already have a gift card solution, you need one! And guess what?

Upgrading to Bevo 10.0 scores you 100 free gift cards to get you started, customized with your business’ logo.



Do you know how many new loyal customers you are bringing in? Do you know what times of the day, week, or year that your average transaction amount will be at its highest? When you integrate your analytics and loyalty programs into your POS system – you can find powerful insights.

Track it all, with a free trial of POSiq for Bevo 10.0 customers.



Owning a business can take you many places. Well, now business owners can keep an eye on their operations from anywhere in the world, in real time, with Cloud Reporting. Everything from key business metrics to granular data is at the owner’s finger tips.

Bevo 10.0 is integrated with MyBevo Cloud Reporting, making real-time data available to single store owners and franchisees alike!



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